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A simple way to find a good team player!

This may sound unconventional or impractical. But it is close to reality. Adaptability, client relations, turn around abilities, troubleshooting, grooming, extending support... you must be checking hundreds of qualities before you induct a person into your team.

But, could you imagine being practical about it? Don't worry, you don't have to involve all your existing employees for this test every time. All you need to have on board is a very important interviewer, a 3 to 5 yr kid whose language can never be interpreted! Ask your newcomer or existing performer to spend couple of hours with the kid.

My friend tested 6 people up to the second/third level taking my suggestion :) Thanks to her bold and experimental approach! But please don't ask me the gender of those participants.

Here are the points and steps to go ahead:

  • If the participant smiles/winks after seeing the kid, accept him/her without a second thought
  • After the given time see whether the kid is happy or not
  • Ask the participant what he/she learnt so far
  • Engage the kid with the group of new comers, observe who is more inviting and also notice with whom is the kid more comfortable

Test begins:

  • Went on reading a book ignoring the kid; there were smiles at some intervals
  • Spent time with PDA and shared some pics and mobile games with the kid
  • Chocolates-exchange and making a mess with pens, sketches and other colors
  • Ran around, goofed up in the room and took the kid out of that office space
  • A smile, for the sake of courtesy and went on working on the laptop
  • Made the kid a robot within 30 mins!

Interestingly her pick, is a current team player, an introvert and never considered for assigning responsible jobs and for leading a team. All unfamiliar employees, your colleagues are like children who are difficult to understand, whose language is difficult to interpret.

But what made go comfortable with the small fry is his color. Don't mistake it with the complexion of skin or eyes!

The color of child's nature - "White"

  • Children try to understand the language of others
  • Feel comfortable with well-groomed people
  • Don't expect anything for the favor or support they offer
  • Respect people who are "able" to teach and lead
  • Go away from bossism who make them robots
  • Enjoy the presence of people who call him/her as "friend" (not a kiddo!)
  • No egos: Giving a damn for money and status, they make friends with any one
  • They know the management funda: Smile!
  • Happiness is their essence and the ultimate goal and thus stay away from illness

There is a child in everyone. That means, there is a good team player in everyone. We are all born White in nature. But as we travel across the prism of adolescence, we split into seven colors (with two or four hidden wavelengths!).

The dominating color after we cross this stage makes our character.

You don't find any significant color where the mind is without fear.

What you don't find in B-School Programs series (On the occasion of Children's Day)

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